• Promoting environmental awareness and stewardship of natural resources in the community

  • About Our Organization

    PEACE NJ (People Enjoying Active Conservation of the Environment in New Jersey) is a local 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, founded in 2021 by local environmental leaders to support awareness of environmental issues and better sustainable practices, by providing educational programs and promoting safe ways to enjoy the outdoors for all community members.

  • Our Mission

    To provide resources, expertise and opportunities to all members of our diverse community that promote stewardship of public lands, waterways, parks and green spaces with the help of volunteers, as well as public and private partners.


    To address conservation issues that significantly affect the health and welfare of all members of our communities.


    To identify resource needs, and design events and materials that engage diverse audiences in conservation and protection of the environment in New Jersey.


    Support other governmental and/or charitable organizations dedicated to the same purpose through educational programs, professional services and events.

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