...and what they bring to PEACE NJ

    NANCY ROBERTS-LAWLER...develops partnerships

    Nancy has been interested in environmental protection since 1970-- when her mother let her play hooky to attend the first Earth Day in New York City! An environmental scientist, advocate and educator for many years, Nancy recently retired from her position as Water Quality Manager at the Musconetcong Watershed Association. She remains an active member of New Jersey’s Water Quality Monitoring Council, her Environmental and Open Space Commission in Lebanon Township in Hunterdon County, and is a recognized leader in the New Jersey environmental community. Nancy is also an Environmental Leadership Program Senior Fellow.


    Nancy enjoys gardening with native plants that support our pollinators and birds. When she isn’t getting her hands dirty, Nancy studies and plays acoustic guitar.

    Nancy is sharing her knowledge and experience to help PEACE NJ grow, create new partnerships and encourage more people to conserve our shared natural resources.

    DANIELLE WOLFRUM...brings community knowledge

    Danielle is a dynamic fundraiser, creative storyteller, and avid environmentalist. For over 10 years, she’s helped arts, cultural, and environmental nonprofits raise money to support their mission.


    A Jersey girl born and raised, you can find her hiking the trails or kayaking the rivers of her home state. A life long learner, she enjoys reading every book she can get her hands on, travelling the world, and immersing herself in different cultures.


    Danielle is passionate about equity and inclusion, working tirelessly to disrupt the power dynamics that have been in place for far too long and creating more equitable communities for future generations. Danielle is a Environmental Leadership Program Senior Fellow.

    JEREMY TRAVERS...brings vision and a sense of adventure

    Jeremy is a conscientious steward of the outdoors. He lives by the three principals of leave only footprints take only pictures, pack it in pack it out, and finally be a silent observer.

    Jeremy spends much of his outdoor time on the water in his kayak. He began paddling over 35 years ago from his childhood home on Lake Hopatcong- the headwaters of the Musconetcong River. Since then, Jeremy has been exploring his local and not so local waters and trails promoting stewardship of the outdoors through his visual storytelling.


    Over the last nine years, Jeremy has spent much of his time on the waters within the upper Musconetcong Watershed and surrounding lakes sharing his outdoor experiences through various outlets. By sharing his experience in the
    outdoors, he hopes to inspire others to get out and explore there wild and open spaces.


    Jeremy volunteers for the Lake Hopatcong Foundation and the Musconetcong Watershed Association and is a founding board member for PEACENJ.

    JAMES DUFFY...brings a passion for community engagement 


    James is a longtime New Jersey resident with a passion for environmental science, public policy, and civic engagement. An avid birdwatcher and gardener, James loves to share his interest in the natural world with others.


    After working in sustainable agriculture and river restoration, James spent three years with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s Office of Water Resource Management. He is now in school pursuing a Master in Public Affairs. 


    James is an active volunteer with Farmers Against Hunger, The Watershed Institute, and the Sourland Conservancy.  



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